SuMi TRUST offers a range of investment approaches, including equity investments, to suit institutional clients’ needs.  If you are a family office looking for a well-researched local Japanese active equity manager with strong track record of alpha generation, a pension fund seeking a bespoke Japanese equity strategy to fit your needs or a sovereign wealth fund looking for diversification of your large global indexing mandate, we have the answer.

Active Capabilities

Japanese Equity

Japan Quality Growth Strategy

The strategy aims to provide investors with long term capital appreciation through investment in equity securities listed on the Recognised Exchanges in Japan. We construct a portfolio through a bottom-up approach, identifying companies with the potential for EPS (earnings per share) growth over multiple years with above average ROE (return on equity).

Japan Micro-Cap Strategy

The strategy aims to generate long term capital growth by investing predominantly in micro cap stocks, which are often overseen by institutional investors. Its investment process focuses on “long-term growth potential “and “change in earnings trend”.

Global Equity

Passive Capabilities


SuMi TRUST have extensive experience providing passive products to meet the increasingly diversified and sophisticated needs of our varied range of clients. We believe that excellent, high quality indexing products require an erudite balance of tracking accuracy, cost and opportunities to enhance return.

We aim to provide clients with a wholly rounded and flexible offering that best aligns with the needs and interests of each client. Whether it’s tracking a traditional, bespoke or augmented benchmark, we are confident our expertise will make us a valuable partner for your unique passive institutional needs.

News & Insights


Bank of Japan: Governor Kuroda's Last Monetary Policy Meeting

The Bank of Japan's upcoming Monetary Policy Meeting will be the last of Governor Kuroda's tenure before Kazuo Ueda takes over his position as the new governor. In this article, Senior Strategist Katsutoshi Inadome explores the current environment of the bond market and the outlook for Japan's monetary policy.
Japan city view night

Factor Investments: Regional Strategy Enhances Alpha

We are convinced that an investor could expect to benefit from investing in regional factor strategies, at least in Japan, that reflect the specific nature of each region instead of global factor indices aiming to benefit from factor premium with a uniform set of factors.