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Domestic Equity Active Products

Domestic Equity Active Flagship Products

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Investment Strategy Focus
Japan Small Cap Strategy The strategy aims to generate long term capital growth through a robust investment process focusing on “upside potential “and “change in earnings trend”. An intensive, bottom-up fundamental research strategy which provides an optimal portfolio of Japanese small cap stocks.
Japan Quality Growth Strategy Long-term outperformance is achieved by rigorous research and identifying companies that can increase shareholder returns through higher profitability. Portfolio managers and analysts strive to find companies with high quality profits derived from a unique business.
Japan Sakigake Strategy The strategy seeks to generate returns by detecting mid-to-long term trends, typically associated with changes in society and industry, and capturing investment opportunities ahead of the curve. The strategy identifies investment themes typically around social/industrial changes, and then selects stocks which benefit from those themes.
Japan Growth Opportunity Strategy The strategy focuses on the beneficiaries of long-term trends in the economy, such as Japan’s ageing population and information technology services, combined with a catalyst strategy, picking out companies that generate momentum through M&A or intelligent restructuring.
Japan Fundamental Growth Strategy We pursue excess returns by selecting stocks, with emphasis on medium-to long-term growth potential, based on company analysis by our in-house analysts. Growth stocks are specified based on the analysts’ ratings.
Japan Fundamental Value Strategy We invest in stocks whose prices are deemed to be undervalued by our proprietary corporate valuation model (FCF model), especially those for which the undervalued situation is likely to be corrected.
Japan Quantitative Strategy - Stock Value Using a quantitative approach, we seek to generate excess returns by selecting undervalued stocks with yields from net assets (inverse of PBR) taken as the primary factor.

Foreign Equity Active Products

Foreign Equity Active Flagship Products

Investment Strategy Focus
Global Quantitative We strive to achieve excess returns by quantitatively controlling the combination of theoretical stock price models based on finance theories and quantitative approaches centered on short-term momentum strategies, which serve as the pivots. As for controlling factor weights, we enhance added value by taking into account non-rational expected indexes (IREX: our proprietary index/registered trademarks).
Global Research We focus our efforts on delivering excess returns by tapping into model portfolios, taken as investment advice, which are formulated by the leading foreign asset managers with a well-established reputation for bottom up research. Model portfolios are constructed based on a global comparative analysis of the best ideas that are most convincing in light of regional analyst research.
Asia While aiming to keep pace with high market returns against the backdrop of high growth in Asia over the long term, we seek to surpass the benchmarks by conducting market selection and stock analysis based on valuation analysis, economic trends, and corporate performance trends.
All Country In selecting stocks, our investments are made in stocks that are highly attractive to investors by centrally evaluating stocks from around the world without any restrictions such as regional composition.
Emerging (including ESG indexes) A fund that is more highly linked to the benchmarks.