SuMi TRUST defines “Impact Investment” as investment with the goal of positive environmental and social outcome in addition to financial return. We believe that long-term investment in companies which provide sustainable solutions to environmental/societal issues will generate excellent financial return. We utilize 17 goals/169 targets of Social Development Goals established by United Nations to describe environmental/social impacts.

Manager and Analysts

Yoshiki Takeda Headshot
Yoshiki Takeda
Lead Portfolio Manager

Yoshiki Takeda, the lead portfolio manager of the Global Impact Investment Strategy since inception, joined SuMi TRUST in 2001 and has been managing the Asian equity strategy since 2014. Prior to his current role, he served as a global equity research analyst in New York and as an Asian equity research analyst in Hong Kong. Yoshiki incorporates his extensive overseas experience into his understanding of the shape of global economy/market.

Yoshiki graduated from Keio University with a BA in business and commerce, and is a Chartered Member of the Securities Analyst Association of Japan.